Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can Creative Commons strengthen the cultural heritage sector?

Foto: Thomas Hawk (CC:BY:NC)


Digisam, Creative Commons and the foundation .SE organised a seminar in June 2012 about the practical use of Creative Commons. We discussed dissemination of cultural heritage on the Internet and how Creative Commons can strengthen the work at the museums, archives and libraries and engage the visitors.

The purpose was to inspire and to share some practical tips and ideas on how to engage visitors more in exhibitions and other cultural events. Invited speakers were showing examples of how Creative Commons can be used as a tool to engage visitors in exhibitions and other collection efforts. Chiaki Hayashi from Creative Commons in Japan talked about the work with Creative Commons as a tool to encourage commitment and innovation. Lennart Guldbrandsson from Wikimedia Sweden discussed the work with a White Paper for the ALM-sector, with the aim to protect copyright and make it easier for people to get access to the cultural heritage. Maarten Zeinstra (Europeana / Knowledge Land) showed Europeana's structure of rights management and exchange of materials between cultural institutions in Europe and Johanna Berg talked about Digisams work with those issues and highlighted the importance of starting with the easiest material to create information with maximum usability potential.

The seminar was jointly organised by Creative Commons. SE and Digisam and can be seen on http://youtu.be/mpnUwm3OYjo (in Swedish).

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